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Sign up for our free notification service which will send you an alert as soon as we have a property that matches your requirements. Ideally give us a call so we can talk through any special requirements you have, such as proximity to a particular School or the railway station etc.

At Key Letts we work for you, we will arrange a viewing of the property at a time that works for you. Call us on 01494 842100 or email us at info@keyletts.com stating which property you are interested in seeing.

You need to make a formal offer to the Landlord via Key Letts - this would include details such as, how long do you wish to rent the property for? When is your moving in date? Is it just for you or for you and your partner/spouse? Are you/both in fulltime employment? If the Landlord then accepts your offer and, assuming you have worked out a realistic budget and can afford the rent, the application process would begin. We require photographic ID e.g. passport or driving licence to combat identity fraud, a utility bill from your current address within the last 3 months and an application fee which covers obtaining employers, credit and previous landlord or mortgage lender's references - all of which is quickly and efficiently taken care of by Key Letts on your behalf. The application fee also covers all the general administration of dealing with your offer and the drawing-up of a specific tenancy agreement which covers and supports both you (the tenant) and the landlord during the tenancy (see below). It is important you are clear about all aspects of your offer as should you change any element the Landlord can change his mind, for example should you not earn sufficient funds and the results of the reference advise you require a guarantor. If you are unclear about anything, please just ask us.

If you make an offer which is accepted by the Landlord there will be some additional fees to pay to secure you offer: Fee for first applicant of £175.00 + VAT (£210.00) Fee for subsequent applicants £125 + VAT (£150.00) Personal Check-In with AIIC Trained Inventory Clerk – Range from £73.95 to £124.00 + VAT dependent on size of property and dependent on if Landlord requires an Inventory Report Guarantor Fee (in the event one is required and if the Landlord agrees to a Guarantor) £125 + VAT (£150.00) Holding Deposit – £200.00 refundable on first month’s rent when rental goes ahead - if required by Landlord. (Holding Fees are not standard from Key Letts and are sometimes requested by the Landlord if there is a period of time between you making your offer and moving in or if you have requested some maintenance work prior to moving in ) No renewal fees - (we reserve the right to charge £50 Admin Charge if there are additional clauses to add on your behalf or we are having to chase you to return the new signed agreement)

Most agreements are Assured Short Hold Tenancy Agreements (AST'S). Key Letts will provide you with a specific agreement relevant to your property between yourself and the landlord ready for signature. We will be able to discuss any questions you may have at this stage.

To enable all the required references to be provided, allow a minimum of 7 working days from finding a property to signing the agreement although we will always aim to shorten this time for you. At the point of signing the agreement a deposit will be required to be lodged with us and the first Month's rent to be paid in cleared funds, prior to keys being handed over.

In most cases Key Letts will lodge the deposit with The Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) a government custodial scheme who hold the deposit until the end of the tenancy. Sometimes Landlords prefer to register the deposit themselves (which is a legal requirement) and in these cases we will advise you. In either case 30 days after moving in or providing the deposit you should receive either prescribed information explaining about the DPS scheme and providing you with an individual PIN number (from Key Letts or the Landlord) or a registration certificate if the Landlord has registered the deposit in a separate scheme.

Here at Key Letts we have fully vetted contractors who look after the property during your tenancy - if the property is being fully managed by Key Letts we take care of any problems as quickly as possible, immediately in the event of an emergency. For Fully Managed properties there is a Tenant log-in facility enabling you to contact us regarding any maintenance issues 24 x 7.

All Key Letts properties will be required to have a Gas Safety Certificate prior to being let and we will advise all landlords on the latest health and safety requirements and legislation on your behalf.

At Key Letts we value our clients, we will organise a welcome pack for you on the day you move in and will offer you advice and support throughout your tenancy. We are an independent family run company and as such we offer a friendly and flexible service, you will deal with people not departments. We look forward to hearing from you.

At Key Letts we work with HomeLet, a market leading provider of referencing and insurance solutions to the lettings industry. HomeLet not only provide accurate and efficient referencing, but they also offer comprehensive and affordable specialist tenant’s insurance too. For more information about the services available from HomeLet, call HomeLet on 0845 117 6000 OR visit them at homelet.co.uk/tenants Please be aware that although we work alongside HomeLet there are other referencing and insurance providers on the market.

Key Letts Tenants Log-in

Tenants who reside in our managed properties benefit from a Tenant login area enabling them to report maintenance issues at a time that suits them, 24 hours a day. To register for the first time or to log-in please hit the button below.